Getting ready for hackday

8 Jun 2007

Hack Day: London, June 16/17 2007

Got the invite and now wondering what on earth I’ve let myself in for. Panic time.

Friday afternoon update

It’s almost here. I’m not ready at all. I’ve booked an hotel (I’m too old to crash out on the floor in a sleeping bag), checked maps and train timetables, bought some little oranges to see me through the day and started panicking. I’m now having visions about 500 programmers, all of whom know each other, and all of whom know what they’re doing. And I’ve just realised that I do not have a digital photo of myself anywhere, so I’ve updated my backnetworkprofile with evil Alice.

My big problem is thinking of something to do – I can take other people’s ideas and run with them, and build an application which works, but I’m not great on inspiration from a standing start. I need an inspirer. Or (honest to God, I didn’t make this word up), some idearation