Getting real with subversion

5 Jun 2007


I’m getting serious about using source control (although you can call it version control if you want to) for my projects.I’ve been using subversion for about a year now, and have had a few applications under source control, but since I’m a sole developer there’s never been the urgency you get in a shared environment. In other words, I’ve never had the kind of major disaster which really convinces a development team to take source control seriously. (Usually happens after one programmer realises that their code has been overwritten and tries to murder the culprit.)
But even on my own I’ve found it very very useful.

  • I like the separation between the repository and my working folder
  • I like being able to get a historical list of changes made. And yes, I do log sensible comments, not just ‘code updated’

So, from now on, all live projects are going into source control.

Eric Sink on Source Control