How to waste time when you’re setting up your own business

21 Feb 2006


Trying to decide on a business name is a an incredible distraction, especially when you’re looking for the accompanying domain name. There seem to be three general approaches:

  1. The acronym or the abbreviation. I could become or (although I would have to invent a name to fit that last acronym).
  2. Names which can be pronounced but doesn’t mean anything (yet). I could become, or
  3. Names made by stringing several words together and hoping for the best. These can be vaguely business-like (e.g., or have dubious techie ambitions (e.g., or just be plain silly., and are all available.

For the moment I’ve knocked this on the head, I’m starting up as BronwenReid. Six months down the line I can revisit this, perhaps if I spend too much time spelling out my name to people on the phone.