Lorem Ipsum Garbage

22 Mar 2007

Sometimes you read something and just go “Yes!” to it. The following articulated perfectly my grudge against Lorem Ipsum filler text – basically no one wants to read this garbage so it ends up at 8px white text on a black background.

By not having the imagination to imagine what the content “might” be, a design consideration is lost. Meaning becomes obfuscated because “it’s just text”, understandability gets compromised because nobody realized that this text stuff was actually meant to be read. Opportunities get lost because the lorem ipsum garbage that you used instead of real content didn’t suggest opportunities. The text then gets made really small, because, it’s not meant to be used, we might as well create loads of that lovely white space.

From I hate Lorem Ipsum and Lorem Ipsum Users by Tom Smith

And I found Tom Smith’s blog entry via Getting Real by 37Signals; a collection of essays where I find myself saying “Yes!” a lot!