New laptop stand

13 Apr 2007

My standard machine is now a laptop, and at home I’m fine. I’ve bought a laptop shelf for my desk and the laptop sits at the correct height and it’s all very ergonomic and I am not having any back problems. (Two years I had a trapped nerve in my back, and it hurt. Physiotherapy and attention to posture and working environment helped, but I’m now very careful.)

The problem comes when I’m in someone else’s office or working away from my desk. The standard laptop working position leaves you hunched over the keyboard like a vulture crouched over road kill, and peering down at the screen. I like the screen at eye level. I need the screen at eye level.

So I need a laptop stand. Piles of books are at best a temporary measure.


  • The stand has to get the laptop screen up to the height of an LCP monitor. I’m not interested in anything which raises the laptop a miserly three inches off the table, or any product which describes itself as ‘laptop feet’
  • It has to be adjustable.
    I’m in charge and I want to be able to control position, and height.
  • My laptop is portable. My laptop stand must also be portable.
    And when I say portable, I mean it must fit in the rucksack with the laptop and all the cables, add-ons, and dinky gadgets. So I’m not interested in the stylish brushed aluminium design which will “enhance your working environment”

Last week I bought a folding laptop stand. It works. It does what I want. I’m a happy customer.

Hints for the home worker:
Over Christmas I spent some time on the sofa with the cat on my lap and the laptop balanced on the arm of the sofa. Bad idea. My neck hurt for the next two days. If you’re going to stroke a cat and browse the internet, put the cat on the desk with the laptop.

Amendment July 2007
Janet has recommended Bakkerel Huizen